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Book Your Reservation Online

Click one of our "Book Now" buttons throughout site. Select the dates you'll be arriving and leaving during your trip. Select a time slot that our team can come to your house/condo/room. Fill out all requested information so we can provide the best equipment for you.

Click Here to learn how to book a reservation.

Confirm Your Arrival

Sometimes there can be a hiccup in the original plan. It can be weather related, last minute errand, family emergency or anything else that would interrupt your trip. Please contact us to update your reservation. Either on the way or once you've arrived to the Snowshoe area, please call or email us to confirm you've actually arrived. We'd hate to show up and know one be there, no good for either party.

We Deliver Your Equipment

With the original information you provided in your online reservation. Our team will gather the necessary equipment needed for your group. We'll have a couple extra sizes but will soley rely on the information you submitted. Everything will then we delivered to your house/condo/room along with all proper fitment of equipment; ski, snowboard, ski boots, snowboard bindings, helmets, etc.

Slopeside Assistance

Have a question, issue with equipment or need some equipment swapped out? Luckily for you we have a shop located slope side at the top of Soaring Eagle lift.

Pick-up or Drop-off

The last step! During your stay, preferably 12-24 hours in advance. We ask that you call or email us with a time to pickup your equipment at the location we dropped it off at. If your unsure about when you'll need the equipment picked up, we ask that you drop off equipment at our store location. For some reason you don't meet us at the scheduled pickup time, you'll be asked to return equipment to our store location. Our store is in the Soaring Eagle Lodge, located at the Top of The World.

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Your Lodging

Please know where you're staying upon making the reservation. This is a crucial element to the reservation and delivery process. Its important that we have accurate details on where your staying to make things most efficent for both parties. When you're book your lodging, request the phone number to the house, condo or room. If you have questions about your location or need help determining it, just send us a message. We've provided a map below of the Snowshoe area. Most of the houses, lodges and condos have been labled. If you need to take a closer look please select the PDF below for a more detailed view. 

Resort Map

Select PDF for a larger view or to download for save keeping!

Sizing Tips

Determining your skier type is your responsibility! Your skier type, height, weight, age and ski boot sole length are used by the staff to determine the visual indicator settings of your ski binding. Be sure to provide accurate information, as any error may increase your risk of injury. Consult these descriptions to select your classifications:

Type 1 Skier

Cautious skiing at lower visual indicator settings

You prefer slow to moderate speeds and gentle to moderate terrain. A lower than average visual indicator will be set. This may increase the risk of inadvertent binding release in order to increase the likelihood of release in a fall. Type 1 settings apply to “entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification”.

Type 2 Skier

Moderate skiing at average visual indicator settings

You prefer a variety of speeds and varied terrain. Type 2 skiers are skiers who do not meet all the descriptions of Type 1 or Type 3 skier types.

Type 3 Skier

Aggressive skiing at higher visual indicator settings

You prefer fast speeds and steep terrain. A higher than average visual indicator setting. This may reduce the likelihood of release in a fall in order to decrease the risk of inadvertent binding release.

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The requested boot size should be true to your street shoe size. In some cases this can be a half size bigger or smaller
Wearing several pairs of socks are not suggested in order to get a snug comfy fit. We recommend one warm ski or snowboard socks. Cotton socks will not work when it is cold or wet.
Shorter skis are easier to control. We recommend a smaller ski for first time skiers and beginners.
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